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  1. What is the disadvantage, if you provide more buffer size options? And I think there's a real issue behind it. Previously I tried to download an ISO from a fast FTP with v3 on single core machine. It is even worth. The max. speed is 5MB/s, and the CPU usage is 100%. Now I am using duo core machine. The CPU usage is reduced to roughly 50%, but the max. speed is still 5MB/s. But with v2 ~> no problem at all. CPU usage is 20-50%, max. speed 10-12MB/s

  2. To the second answer: I know I can do this. But here, I am just asking if this could be an option for those users (like me).
    if bNonEditablePathSelector then
      LeftPathComboBox.Style:=csDropDownList; //that's all
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