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Default FingerPrint checking / failed queue items

After successfully being able to traverse the remote ftp filesystem and after downloading about 5 5mb-10mb files I got the following error:

[L] Warning: Data Channel FingerPrint Doesn't match control Connection.
[L] Failed TLSv1 negotiation, disconnected

FlashFXP marked the rest of the folder's files as failed (after attempting to xfer and getting the same error) and then as it attempted to access the subsequent folders in the queue, it also recieved that error, but instead of marking them as failed, it REMOVED them from the queue (a bug or by design?)

I am using FlashFXP version 3.4.0 build 1145. Immediately upon reconnecting to the site, I was able to resume downloading the files. When connecting to the site, 'secure file listing', 'secure file transfers', and 'TURN OFF FINGERPRINT CHECKING ON DATA CONNECTION' had a checkmark by it. Under what circumstances would I be able to get that error message if 'TURN OFF FINGERPRINT CHECKING ON DATA CONNECTION' was checked?
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