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Default ioFTPD exe closing when specific folder/file is in dir

Hey guys.
I got a delicate problem here.
It is strange as hell, cant figure it out.

The problem is.
I have 2 dirs, for two different releases, and i got plenty of files in both dirs.
But there is 2 releases from the same program, one is HR next one is HD so the relase name is almost the same.
If i have those inside the dirs, ioFTPD will crach, but if i remove those files and start up the ftp, it works flawless again.

I have tested everything that i know of.
I did remove my scripts one by one to exclude som scripts, same thing.
I removed all scripts, same thing
I did take a fresh install, same thing
I did try and change the DIRs folder, same thing.
This is how got onto the problem when i moved the releases in one by one.

If i create the folder by hand on the hdd, and then move the files over to that folder, it works, but if i move the whole thing over it wont work.

This is almost funny, i guess noone will ever know this problem, but im posting annyway.

Im using 5.8.5 if it´s to any help with,
and windrop 6.17 from bounty with alc bot

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