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Default FlashFXP considerably slower then IE7

I have an ftp server configured for passive mode. It works fine regarding beeing able to connect to it.

But at first it seemed that some ftp clients got quite serious performance issues, including myself from my testing site using FlashFXP.
I have a 10mbit internet connection but ftp was somehow limited to 170KB/s
per user instead of the roughly 1000KB/s that is used normally. I had 2
different users try the ftp, both using FlashFXP and they were both given
exactly 170KB/s. I tried all kinds of stuff in order to solve this. Then all
of a sudden one user logs on and it all works perfectly, no performance
issues. I was baffled, I then tried ftp from IE 7 from my testing site and
it all worked perfectly, I was also using flashfxp before?! This is quite
strange since I recently installed my ISA 2006 server; the old firewall had no
problems with FlashFXP and the ftp server. Is FlashFXP doing something strange that IE7 doesn't do that the ISA 2006 server picks up on? Any ideas`? The logs show nothing.
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