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Originally Posted by bigstar View Post
Yeah that could be possible, those installer settings can use the same registry key depending on which options you selected, during install would be the best time to select a custom data folder and point it to wherever you wanted.
The problem is that I have rolled this software out to over 50 user PCs (we purchased bulk licenses). I don't really want to have to install it again, it would mean a change to the package and uninstalling it first, then re-installing, which would take a long time. If I could simply roll out some registry changes, that would be the easiest and best solution. Could you look into this for me please?

If you want me to raise an official support request using your email form let me know.

Originally Posted by Carpo View Post
have you added people so that they are allowed to read the shared folder where the sites.dat file is ?
I'm a domain administrator and have been trying this but I can't even get it to work, so it's not an issue with rights/permissions.

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