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I have experience with a number of ftpd's that as far as i can tell are fairly accurate, glftpd and drftpd namely are the ones that have always reported correctly in my experience. ioftpd also support the display of dir sizes... although i dont have a lot of experience with io it does seem to be on some sort of update timer or delay which makes new dirs sometimes inaccurate (im guessing while the listing is still in the server side cache or something, but really couldn't say).

As far as others go with inaccuracy/inconsistancy... i've not noticed anything myself but havn't looked into it much on other servers, most seem to either return 0 or a binary multiple of kb (approx 2,4,8 etc).. both of corse indicating that the feature isn't implemented.

Just to clarify, i wasn't suggesting those sizes be used in the queue/fxp time calculation in any way.. just used in the status line below the remote file listing where it tells you the number of files/folders you have selected and the bytes your selection adds up to.

Maybe more client side use of these would encourage more ftpd's to implement it correctly (or infact the underlying os to fix the bug, in the cases where it may be the distribution thats returning the wrong information).

Anyway, just thought i'd make the suggestion since its crossed my mind several times in the past while working with selections, could always be optional (with note about accuracy).. if indeed enough others are interested for it to be concidered.
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