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Default Getting started

As many of you already know, IniCom has open-sourced ioFTPD under the GPL license. Development will continue as a community effort now, which means we all have to get involved. The "let someone else do all the work" mentality is not acceptable; everyone needs to get their hands dirty.

I'm slowly putting together information for developers and contributors on the wiki. This will include coding guides and things you can do to contribute (there are lots of non-code related things to work on).

For those that want to just dive right in, visit the ticket tracker for a list of outstanding tickets you can work on.

SourceForge project page:
Ticket tracker and wiki:

SVN browser:
SVN repository:

We use Subversion as our version control system. For those uncomfortable with command-line clients, consider TortoiseSVN which integrates nicely with Windows Explorer.

Happy hacking.
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