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Originally Posted by Webkikr
I agree.

I paid for a beta product that would end up as ioFTPd 1.0. Not for an open source project.

This is now 100% consumer fraud, and they know it.

I was just emailed this evening by a member from this board that the project went open source, and that no refunds were offered to people that have waited over 2 yrs for the final product. Instead we get royally screwed.

They could have at least offered a free license to FlashFXP or something like I had suggested in several non-returned emails to Jon.

I no longer even use the PayPal account that I paid for ioFTPd with, so a refund is not an option.

This is an absolutely disgusting result to this situation and I am not done with it.

Inicom has definitely not heard the last from me. Two god damn years of excuses and lies.
I'm sorry you feel this way Webkikr...but this is hardly consumer fraud. ioFTPD was always advertised as a BETA product, one that there was never even official support for. The "u" version was released to those who wanted to use it and test all the features, and an "r" version provided with a bit of extra functionality to those who wanted to help support development. Dark0ne created this model, and we kept it for the sake of the community. The price was intententionally kept low to get more people involved, while giving access to an FTP server with features that rivaled products costing considerably more.

We do appreciate everyone who has contributed to ioFTPD development, but ioFTPD has been our "loss leader" for a very long time. Rather than let it die, we decided to give it back to the community, where it really belongs.

I remember back in 1996 purchasing winamp 1.x ($10) and feeling very good about it because I got so much use out of it. I can't say I wasn't a little upset when AOL gave Justin millions of dollars, and released Winamp for free (hey, I paid for that!), but I got over it, and Winamp continues to be a strong force in the audio player market.

I know it is impossible to make everyone happy, but I think we've done the right thing for the community, and I think most will agree with my sentiments.

Again, thanks to everyone who has made ioFTPD what it is today.

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