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Originally Posted by standatease
Open source!

Does this mean I'm going to get a refund or do they get to keep all our cash?

I paid for the client and the server some time ago and while I havent posted much here I have been keeping an eye on things. From what I remember, I was sold a product that wasnt finnished, and it was not labeled as unfinnished. It's dissapointing to be missled in this way.
I agree.

I paid for a beta product that would end up as ioFTPd 1.0. Not for an open source project.

This is now 100% consumer fraud, and they know it.

I was just emailed this evening by a member from this board that the project went open source, and that no refunds were offered to people that have waited over 2 yrs for the final product. Instead we get royally screwed.

They could have at least offered a free license to FlashFXP or something like I had suggested in several non-returned emails to Jon.

I no longer even use the PayPal account that I paid for ioFTPd with, so a refund is not an option.

This is an absolutely disgusting result to this situation and I am not done with it.

Inicom has definitely not heard the last from me. Two god damn years of excuses and lies.
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