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Originally Posted by standatease
Open source!

Does this mean I'm going to get a refund or do they get to keep all our cash?

I paid for the client and the server some time ago and while I havent posted much here I have been keeping an eye on things. From what I remember, I was sold a product that wasnt finnished, and it was not labeled as unfinnished. It's dissapointing to be missled in this way.

"ioFTPD is currently in BETA development. Please visit our forums to follow development, ask questions, and contribute to the project."

Version number is also 0.x incase thats missed. It is very clearly labelled beta. Refunds highly unlikely.

If they officially confirm this (and the subject is from neoxed so I'm guessing they will) be glad thay've done something that will have put the project back into development.

Not really the time for complaining now, more a time for gratitude
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