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Originally posted by gluck
I didn't meant to scare you, sorry about that.

The scripts I talk about are perl script of my company under Linux that create directory trees using ";" as a separator in the directory names for differents datas (dates, id, names).
I haven't done them, just use them, and can't modify them of course. My point was not about "pub scanning" help, but about the fact that being a programmer, it's no more difficult to modify such thing in the code of FlashFXP than to post a reply on this board.

The whole world seems to think that FFXP is used only by hackers, hope my employers doesn't hear that soon ...

If it were that easy we would have made the change but it's not, When a custom command contains a CR/LF (new line) it converted into a ";" so every multi-line custom command is seperated by a ";", In order to provide support for ";" the CR/LF conversion would need to be changed, lets say we change it to ":" In doing so everyones existing custom commands are now broken.

I've been wanting to change the custom command format for some time now, not only address this problem but also eliminate the 250 character length, however as stated above the majority of the FlashFXP users who have contacted me regarding this issue do not want to loose all their existing commands.
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