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Exclamation Problem with REQUEST

hi all, i've got a problem with REQUESTs!
in channel, if i do "!reqadd name.release" it's ok, it adds the request with my uid and gid,
but if i do "!reqfilled number.of.request" it shows like it's filled but my uid and gui aren't showed.
The bot put a notice with messagge request filled, and i'd like to correct this problem,
maybe u know if exists a way to make the bot saying that message in channel?

Doing the commands through ftp it's all ok!
Another question, does the reqdel command work after the reqfilled command is given?
Because if it's so, it doesn't work for me!

here's my ioA config if u need it:

Request_Header = "-[Request EuRoPe]---------------------------------------------------------------"
Request_Footer = "--------------------------------------------------------------------------[ioA]-"
Request_File = "C:\SITE\REQUEST\.ioFTPD.message"
Request_Line = "[%##] [%D-%M-%Y][%-10user] -> %request"
Request_Field = " -> "
Request_Max = 100
Request_Max_User = 10
Request_Excluded_User_0 = ""
Request_Too_Many_Made = "Too many requests made. Limit is %.0request"
Request_Too_Many_Made_User = "You have made too many requests already. Limit is %.0request"
Request_Already_Made = "That is already requested"
Request_Output_Line = "Added request: %request"
Request_Log = ""%user" "%group" "%request" "
Request_Add_Tag = 1
Request_Tag = "[REQ]-%request"
Request_IRC_Uid = 2
Request_IRC_Gid = 107

Request_Max_age = 10
Request_Wipe_Log = ""%release" "%.0dirs" "%.0files" "%.2mb""

Reqfilled_Not_Found = "Request not found"
Reqfilled_Log = ""%user" "%group" "%request""
Reqdel_Log = ""%user" "%group" "%request""
Reqdel_Output_Line = "Deleted following request: %request"
Reqfilled_Output_Line = "Filled following request: %request"
Reqfilled_Tag = "[FILLED]-%request"
ReqFilled_Add_Tag = 1
ReqFilled_Send_Message = 1

thanks to all in advance!
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