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Originally Posted by FTPServerTools
Disable your scripts and try it then. io doesnt really lag. It needs to read some files when you login but if you have tons of scripts then the delay can be obvious. Also you need to see where exactly the lag occurs.. In the connect or in the first dir listing?
no scripts at all...It lags in the connect
after login it's the best in transfer speed & command speed

I saw some words about different working modes between traditional FTPDs & new FTPDs:
serv-u is working on a traditional mode - a main thread is listening. it create threads after accepting connections. number of threads increases as connections increase

I guess io threads are for connections only and worker threads are for other things
but it takes much time for io threads to deliver their jobs to worker threads...
after login it's fast enough, because only worker threads are working, without threads delivery & convertion

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