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Default my bot has stopped announcing to irc chan!?

My bot has stopped announcing imdb info to my irc chan. It worked fine before ...
The only thing I see now is ...

[DVDR-IMDB] Title........: n/a (n/a) / n/a / n/a ·
[DVDR-IMDB] IMDb Link....: ·
[DVDR-IMDB] Genre........: n/a ·
[DVDR-IMDB] User Rating..: n/a (n/a votes) ·
[DVDR-IMDB] Directed by..: n/a ·
[DVDR-IMDB] Starring.....: n/a ·
[DVDR-IMDB] Runtime......: n/amins ·
[DVDR-IMDB] Opening Stats: n/a (n/a) ·
[DVDR-IMDB] Plot Outline.: n/a ·

I've checked the paths to curl.exe and ncftpls.exe and they are 100% good. I've closed the firewall too, but it didn't affect the results. What could it be wrong ??
Anybody know what config files are affected by curl.exe so the announcement goes to irc chan ?? Maybe i've changed something in a script file by mistake ??

Anyone, any ideas ??
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