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Default autowipe still doesnt work properly

its me again
Im running ioFTPD5.8.5, NxTools1.0.5a, Alcobot1.0.0, Php_psio0.1.5.
Problem is with nxtools autowipe, i think its a bug but if im wrong then correct me please.

NxTools config: set req(MaximumAge) 1 - and it means - Maximum age a filled request is allowed before its wiped, in days.

Ive added a request called test-test at 5 p.m., and configuration is set like above. Request has been filled at 5.05p.m. next day.
Scheduler is set: nxReqWipe = 0,10,20,30,40,50 * * * TCL ..\scripts\nxTools\nxRequest.tcl WIPE to autowipe every 10mins. So if request has been filled at 5.05p.m. it should be wiped on another day at 5.05p.m. But at 5.10p.m. present day filled request has been wiped and it should be autowiped on another day.
In my opinion it doesnt work like it should, but maybe ive done something wrong if so then please let me know.
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