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Default iobanana - mcpsfuncs.tcl

i use iobanan2 and i have tried to implement tcleggdrop_mcpsfuncs.tcl

But i can´t get it to work.
Probably doing something wrong in iobanan, caus it´s getting encrypted for me if i use mcpsfuncs, but if i disable banana then everything works fine.

Maybe something easy, but im a total noob at this, and i have tried everything or atleast it feels like i have. =)

So anything special i have to change in iobanana? or i may just have done something wrong in mcpsfuncs.tcl
I have just edited tcleggdrop_mcps_sitesettings.ini with the blowkey.
I havent changed annything else.
Anything else i need to add/change to get this thingy to work?
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