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so when i give the command !help he opens an query window where the commands stand in and thes commands are not encrypt
18:42] <MW1970> +OK broAQ/DCFqH.
[18:42] <MW1970> +OK mDn5O/DVrc403VTW51NyQJp1f2uzy0Posc7/Ofoj/1jqwy7/d7MFj/etEOH/9dF0K1tM6Gh0XsZgm1v4PHe0ZdMF.0HIxr2/OYPi705bgGQ.
[18:42] <MW1970> +OK PmB4R1ZuJ5y/TuyFU.08yGa/
[18:42] <MW1970> +OK Sk0Qy/X/MT7.Gztin0B6L3D1OcaZ0/Yb/7Z0ftDmJ1QGG5L..e7cV.E2o3K.gRbK81RPuDm1
[18:42] <MW1970> +OK 0r3dz0dD0n6.vzl.a1MRpB6181WT50wbTWm/QrPSp.zuTcT.DoCG/.PTpsw/
[18:42] <MW1970> +OK JHmpk1hxnlY0MLg4H0tuNAy0AxZ4H/lJdlA1RI9YD/Abytz0O.GEB.NouBI.au0yc.6ouBl1

and the same is to all other commands where the bot open an query window so all commands in the chan is ok
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