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Are you sure that your sitebot allowed / able to connect to your site?

Is your sitebot allowed to use all the SITE commands? You can check the sitebot's flags using SITE USER sitebot and add the required flag using SITE CHANGE sitebot FLAGS +1.

"10-07-2006 23:10:10 Scheduler event 'AutoNuke' returned error." has nothing to do with !aldn. This message appears when the autonuker isn't configured correctly. If you don't use the autonuker, please disable the related event in ioFTPD's scheduler (in ioFTPD.ini) and restart ioFTPD.

Setting the blowfish key is enough to enable blowfish encryption.

PS: Please take one or two more minutes each time you post to use proper English. Using paragraphs also helps others to understand what you've written.
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