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Default error message ??plz help

[19:11] error error | E: Timeout of control connection after 30 sec.!

whats happend whith this error message idont know what its mean with it
can anyone say me whats this message it?? so i dont no what the problem is!11
sorry for my bad english i hope anyone understand me*gg* when i get the command !leechers or !who or !uploaders my server is hang up for this time(30s) and nothing goes

Your bot can't connect to the site. Using ioBanana I'm assuming?
Make sure its using a working account, make sure you can connect to the account it uses yourself, without SSL (though SSL part could have changed, not used it in years).
Also would have been better posting in the section for Harms scripts for future reference

oh sorry for posting in the wrong section but i begin here and now mak the rest here*g*
yes im using iobanana my bot can connect to site without problem but to do this commands the error message is here the other commds(stats,free,request usw)going with no problems

ihave copied this posting to the right forum sorry fpr double post
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