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Default FlashFXP file / folder bug

* FlashFXP v3.4.0, build 1145 [ ]registered, [X]unregistered, [ ]pirated
* OS [ ] WinXP, [X] Win2K, [ ] Win98, [ ] WinME, [ ] Other
* Running behind NAT/router [ ] Yes & Model [ ], [X] No, [ ] Not sure
* Running firewall Yes, Name [Zone Alarm], Ver. [6.5.737], or [ ] No
* Running Antivirus [X] Yes, Name [Kaspersky] or [ ] No
* Network [ ] xDSL, [X] CABLE, [ ] Dail-Up, [ ] Other

FTP server(s) Unix

i am trying out the shareware version of FlashFXP and when it lists the contents of a folder which has a lot of files in it, it isnt showing all of them

the ones that arent shown re-appear if i delete / move some of the files

example. i am currently listing the contents of a folder which has 6 sub folders and 1,993 file in it. the last folder isnt shown but it is there as i can access it if i enter the folder name in the path. none of the files or folders are hidden and i have it set to show all anyway

if i delete or move some of the files then the last folder re-appears and the whole lot shows up in cpanel. it seems that FlashFXP cannot handle this many files and doesnt show them all

can someone confirm this is a bug and can anything be done about it?
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