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Originally Posted by bigstar
What you see in this log is the standard behavior for the FTP protocol. Each file transfer opens a new data connection. The command connection remains open throughout this whole process.

There a limit Connection on the FTP Server.
- After 1 file have been finish transfering. It will re-connect again just to transfer the 2nd file at that time. I cant do anything cuz The FTP server is full. I think that gay everytime we transfer each file will open a new connection? I see on other FTP client they dont open any new connection just to transfer multiple files they just stay connected.

I try it on other FTP client
- It didnt open any new connection just to transfer 5 files (1 file had been transfered then it goes to 2nd file) It doesnt have to do re-connect (New connection) just to transfer the 2nd file.
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