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Originally Posted by whocarez2k5
For some reason i see this thread closed!

"complaining about ioFTPD release schedule"

Shouldn't be this thread open until things are solved?

Every1 knows inicom is letting customers waiting to long for a proper release but closing this thread is realy sick and shows (imo) that inicom DOESN'T like complains about there product!!!

Also imo ioFTPD (how it was in the past) is HISTORY now, when io was known by every1 is now forgotten!!! and people started to change product because of the fact io was buggy and there are better products on the market now then io can do no mather if they release it now or in a few weeks.

Think about it (and yeah ALSO YOU iniCOM) what value more then others does io have when it got released?
I started a thread ( in July of this year complaining, and threatened a class action lawsuit.

After many people responded and Jon asked me to email him, I did. It has now been 3 months and I am still waiting to hear back from my original emails.

I know that the email went through as I carbon copied it to two other people and _both_ got it, so it makes me wonder why he hasn't replied...

I even offered solutions that would make me happy, yet I hear nothing back. They don't care. So I stopped complaining, and I will simply wait (probably forever) until I see ioFTPd 1.0 released.

This just isn't the way business is conducted where I am from. If people pay for a product with the promise of a further product, then the further product is produced. It isn't just put off until people get tired of complaining.

Oddly enough there is a user here that works for another company that produces a ftp server reads these forums and saw my post. He contacted me and _gave_ me a free license to their product until ioFTPd 1.0 is released. I might just have a lifetime license through them...
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