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Question Question about capabilities of software

I was looking around in FlashFXP to see if it had these abilities and it looks like it may be possible but I figure it may be better to just ask so I don't screw myself out of time here = )

I have about 70 websites that I have to update one at a time. What I need is to have a FTP software update those 70 sites without having to connect to them one at a time. Make sense?

In my mind it would work like this so it might help more if I just tell ya!

- 70 connection strings, remote path, local path
- Scheduled updates to 70 sites comparing files/folders or just uploading all of the contents. It can also be done on demand.

That's about the gist of it. If FlashFXP can't do it does someone know of a software that can? I'm staying true blue to these guys here because it really is the best software of its kind. I just need a good batch tool in the interim.
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