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Default Router problem, KdB couldn't help

I made a mistake and post in the wrong place in the first time, i'm sorry about that If you could just delete my other thread in the flashfxp/general forum I would appreciate it. Sorry about that didn't mean to post 2 times... only a mistake.

First of all, thanks for taking time to help me out. The problem is when I set up my ioftpd to be used with my firewall, it won't connect, see log further down in my thread. I installed my ioftpd as the installtion guide said, it worked well, I changed my master password it still worked. I changed my port (48850), tried again and master still worked.

Now I :
- changed the host, bind in my ioftpd.ini
- Fowarded port to 21, 1024-2048, 48850
- Went in the host files and deleted the DENY part
- Killed ioftpd/restarted it

After that, I tried to connect to my host I just changed, with the port I had chosen, with the master account, with the password I changed and looked if i put the right CaSe...
And it won't connect.
Am I missing a point somewhere? I would really appreciate any information on what I did wrong here. Maybe I missed something somewhere, or went too fast somewhere..

Thanks again!


Here's the info required :

* FlashFXP v3.3.8, build 113, unregistered
* OS : Win Xp
* Running behind NAT/router : Yes, WRT54G v.5
* Running firewall : yes, built-in firewall in my router
* Running Antivirus : No
* Network : Cable

Additional info :

[L] Connecting to 24.201.***.*** -> IP=24.201.***.*** PORT=48850
[L] Connection failed (Connection refused)
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