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Default Idea to Boost Up Development

Iam newcomer in ioFTPD community,and just notice that the development process slightly slowed because of the main dev "DarkOne" dissapear from earth ,as we know ioFTPD set lower price than other ftpd product,and thats become main problem for inicom because lower income for them cann't set/hire full time dev,afaik only neoxed is the dev now.... i have a idea to make inicom can hire more full time, PROMOTE ioftpd!!!! put ioFTPD banner in all of your signature,who can ignore full feature rich ftpd (scripting,ssl(even not full)) for price as low as 15$ and for lifetime . ioFTPD might not really stable for big ftp service but cmon if ioFTPD more famous and many people buy then dev will be more faster (hopely)

Just my 0.2 cents
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