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Exclamation GetWindowText

ooooook guys heres a little tinker for ya!

im trying to read some fields from Flash FXP (in c#) using the Windows User32 API...

GetWindowText is what il be using...

so i use Microsoft Spy++ to get the Handle for one of the input boxes, lets say for arguments sake its 4134644.. (thats the handle to the text box...)

Spy++ reports this as an EDIT class, good so far!

so i use GetWindowText to try get the text from the text box.... empty string??
mmmmm so im stratching my head... i know ill test my code and use:

static extern int GetWindowTextLength(IntPtr hWnd)

this has got to work! i should get a length back now!! NOPE! nothing is coming back from ANY EDIT class field

HOWEVER if i use GetWindowText on anything else, Labels, Window Titles it works!!

What am i doing wrong here? Am i using the wrong API call to get data from an Edit Field?

its driving me mad!!! lol
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