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Default ffxp 3.4.0 (build 1145) custom cmd shortcut key

Is it just me or does ffxp not save changes to the shortcut key settings in custom commands?

I don't use shortcut keys to more than a couple of custom commands. Today when I wanted to set one for a command or two they weren't saved. First I thought that I might have chosen a shortcut key combination that wasn't valid ie. already in use. So I tried to remove the key I'd set for site wipe (SHIFT + CTRL + W) so I could set that combination to this other command. I couldn't.

If I hit F7, it shows the last command I made a successful change to, and then I mark ie. my site wipe command, delete the shortcut key, hit OK and then hit F7 again to check the change I've made - ffxp still shows me that command that was selected prior to my attempt to change the shortcut key and the key combination shift + ctrl + w is still assigned to my site wipe.

Can anyone confirm?

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