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Default need to fix - INCOMPLETE, NEW, IMDB, AUTONUKER

hi, i built up an ioftpd site with ioZS 2.0
here are other versions of ioftpd, bots and ioA
ioFTPD 5-8-5r - dZSbot 1.15 - Eggdrop 1.6.17+SSL - ioA 2.0.8

i come to some problems who i cant solve on my own

1) !imdbroc_imdb has some script missing

i tried to add imdb.tcl from bounty but it says "This means don't run this version on your sitebot runing ioFTPD dZSbot !!! A special version for ioFTPD dZSbot has been released !!!"

so i think thats why it wasnt working, any suggestions on what to use for imdb?

2) the !new command doesnt work, there isnt a procdure news in dzbot.tcl so do i need an external script ?
!newroc_news gives error Tcl error [proc_decryptcmd]: invalid command name "proc_news"

3) !inc doesnt seem to work and gives this error
Tcl error [proc_decryptcmd]: F:\Program Files\ioFTPD\scripts\bin\find.exe: invalid argument `' to `-maxdepth'

4) also can anyone suggest me best autonuker to use with ioZS DZsBot and ioA?

i would be very glad is someone helps me out on some of these problems
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