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Great news, it's finally working!
Turns out after updating my NVidia NForce drivers, I needed to uninstall the NVidia Network Access Manager. I had uninstalled it when I was running the old version of the drivers (58.x.x.x) because it was causing my BitTorrent client to crash all the time.

So in case anyone stumbles across this page, I hope this helps (especially since it took me 3 days to figure out)! Update your NVidia NIC drivers to version (or later), and make sure Network Access Manager is not installed. And make sure FxpNatTrick=1 is added to FlashFXP.ini.

Oh, and it seems like I need FxpNatTrick=1 to be in there regardless if my IP is in the DMZ or not on my router, so this may again be a limitation of the NIC.
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