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Exclamation Same Problem

I too am have the exact same results after my upgrade to v3.4 as the user above first reported (without being resolved). I see the support staff here deals in absolutes. Here ya go (see signature for your required information):

1) My laptop does not have this issue. Exact same setup in signature, except my laptop was not an upgrade.

2) I upgraded from 3.0 Unregistered to 3.4, and registered

I attempt to "upload" a "folder" by one of many methods:

1) By drag-n-dropping the older with 1500 files and subfolder into the connected FTP session.

2) By switching to Explorer view on the right, and draging the folder

3) In the xample Explorer view, I select the folder, right-click and select QUEUE.

4) Same as #3, but I select TRANSFER instead

FlashFXP does nothing but provide the error message the user above mentioned:

Transfer queue completed

No, there is no log. It does this:

1) without attempting to send any commands to the remote server

2) If I am timed out, and the session disconnected - FlashFXP doesn't even attempt to connect. It just responds with "Transfer queue completed".

The log of the sessions are attached. But here's the log of the FAILED attempt to upload a directory:
[L] Connecting to CLIENT - ZiffDavis (ExtremeTech Staging) -> IP=[REMOVED] PORT=21
[L] Connected to CLIENT - ZiffDavis (ExtremeTech Staging)
[L] 220 Microsoft FTP Service
[L] 331 Password required for [REMOVED].
[L] PASS (hidden)
[L] 230 User extremetech logged in.
[L] 215 Windows_NT
[L] 211-FEAT
[L] 211 END
[L] 257 "/ExtremeTech" is current directory.
Transfer queue completed
^- YES, that is the complete log. The very last entry, of "Transfer queue completed" is what I get when I try to upload a directory - just as the user above has outlined.

Note the specific paths in the logs.

1) The test.txt file resides in the SAME directory of the directory I am trying to upload.

2) Yes, I have all NTFS security set property. Just to elimate any possibilities, I did force EVERYONE FULL rights as a test for you (and then restored proper security back)

I've been using FlashFXP for years, so I am not a new commer. Again, my laptop works fine because of a new install. But my desktop, being an upgrade from a previous version, does not.

I only have two other FTP clients installed, and they work fine (as a matter of fact, I have to use them now because FlashFXP will not work with Directories).

Two more little bits of info: When I queue up files AND Folders, FlashFXP uploads the files - but skips/ignores the folders!

And I also have Directory Ignores enabled for certain directories to ignore. But this problem persisted BEFORE I entered those values (try to see if that would fix it, it did not).

Please advise. I've gone through as many settings as I can find. Tried passive vs. non, etc.
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Eric A. Duncan
Senior Developer - Telligent Systems, Inc.

* FlashFXP v3.4.0, build 1145, registered to the above name
* OS: WinXP Pro SP2 w/Latest updates
* Running behind NAT/router: Yes & Model Standard LinkSys WRT54G
* Running firewall: Yes, standard XP's SP2
* Running Antivirus: Yes, Norton Corporate Edition 2005 (no Firewall/Port Scanner in this verion)
* Network: 4x T1 (6Mbps). Yes, I love my job
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