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Hey TNX!

That who command for some reason did the trick. The only stuff it does not show now is stats, is that normal ?

other from that this makes this ftpd neat ! .. I have been using raiden for years , but this is kickass!

Got any tips what scripts could be useful ( I do not have an irc bot, and installed the ioBANANA package)

BTW, I just noticed one weird thing, when I run iogui under a master system account, my "normal" login which has logins set to -1 is only allowed to login 1x , at the second login I get this message:

[THUiS (LaME)] 220 FTP Server ready.
[THUiS (LaME)] 331 Password required for XXXXX.
[THUiS (LaME)] PASS (hidden)
[THUiS (LaME)] 530 Login failed: Maximum concurrent connections for single host reached.
[THUiS (LaME)] Retrying after 30 seconds for THUiS (LaME)

When I quit ioGUI this problem is gone

Regards, and thanks for the quick answer!

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