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Default Cant get it to work

Hello , I just registered and installed IOFTPD today. But for some reason ioGUI 2.0.6 will not start at all when using ioFTPD 5.8.5r

it says:

[2] site ioGuiExt
[2] 200 ERROR: No command specified.

I tried both the exe and the script

ioGuiExt = EXEC C:\FtpMain\IOftpd\scripts\ioGUI\ioGuiext.exe

ioGuiExt = TCL C:\FtpMain\IOftpd\scripts\ioGUI\ioGuiExt.itcl

And added the level for use

ioGuiExt = M

all as told in the helpfile

I allso added the 2 ocx files from the dl section in the ioGUI dir


I can start ioGUI2 , it will log in, but it wont show any activity nor can I import users and groups

it just wont work, have you got any tips?

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