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it seems like in site manager there are a few strings that don't fit..on general tab translated "username" doesn't fit. on options tab translated 'disable force active mode...' doesn't fit. on ssl tab 'secure fxp' and 'turn off fingerprint...' don't fit. also because tab names are longer, it caused them to wrap to 2 lines, which in turn caused 'server certificate' buttons on ssl tab to be slightly cut off.

on preference, Transfers, 'filename conversion' doesn't fit.
Display, 'local sort by' doesn't fit.
Colors&Fonts, 'existing process' doesn't fit, but i think we can be differently worded so it would fit. same with 'queue completed text'.

on File Exist Rules, 'wait ... seconds then overwrite' doesn't fit.
Filters, Skip List, 'skip list applies to directories' doesn't fit.

that's pretty much it from what i noticed.
however, for some reason some text appear as it should and some as extended ascii characters, seems like different font is in use.
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