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Default PC to PC file sharing?

Hello all, I have an interestesing problem.

I have two PC's running Win98SE and I want to be able to transfer files between the two through FTP. So naturally I thought of my favorite program, FlashFXP, and tried it out. However the method I am using doesn't seem to work. I tried setting one Pc to an IP of and one to and connecting. My OS doesnt require a username and password to sign in so I clicked the anonymous button. Suprise, no connection! My question is: Is there a way to use FlashFXP to FTP between two PC connected with ethernet through a router? IF someone could kindly explain this to me, or provide a link to a noobie tutorial, I would be much obliged. Thanks!

Edit: I apologize. My FlashFXP is build 905 and is registered
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