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Thanks Mxx/DayCuts.

I'm using 1600x1200. I know it may seem anal, but I dont' like having extra buttons and doodads around when I know I won't use them. Up until now I've been using SmartFTP precisely because it lets me get rid of everything. But the load up times led me to look for a better solution, so here I am.

FTP Only helps to get rid of those icons for one pane, but it remains for the other. And the annoying thing is that switches the order of FTP/local in my panes. I like to have my local folders on the bottom pane and remote site on the top pane. Pressing FTP Only switches those and there's no way to change it (that I can see).

I see now that the Lightning icon has a list of my sites, but again, how often are you really going to need to pause a transfer? And how many of you web developers are going to click a file and then click on delete rather than just press the delete button?

I don't mind that these things are there, I'm sure somebody gets daily use out of them, but I'll never use them. And I'd prefer to have a list of bookmarks right on the top menu, ie, in between Options / Queue.

Doubtful that that'll ever happen so I'm probably going to have to go back to bloated SFTP.

Thanks for your help anyway folks.
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