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Default Site manager suggestions

1. Easier method of moving sites from folder to folder, and ability to move several at a time rather than only individually. I will explain a little... Often i find myself needing to move site entries either in or out of folders for various reasons, and usually i need to do this with several sites. Currently this can be quite a pain as although i try to keep things organised, i still have quite a number of site entries both within certain folders and in the main flashfxp group. When moving sites, i must individually select the site and drag it to the group/folder i wish to put it in to. This means dragging it upwards then moving the mouse up and down so that the list scrolls slowly upward, then as it is dropped into the group it auto expands and selects that site again. For subsequent sites i must then collapse the group and repeat the steps.

I realise of corse this is not something the majority of people would either notice or do to an extent that i do, so just an idea.

Maybe a 'Move to...' right click option in site manager, and even the ability to select multiple sites at a time (not editable at that stage, just for the purpose of moving together either by move to or dragging). Move to would bring up some kind of small dialog with a list of groups which you could select one and hit ok.

The ability to select multiple sites for certain actions could also allow for easier use of other right click options (export, clipboard, disable, copy, delete)

2. Group specific suggestion -> Right click 'disable group' option, would simply perform the task of 'disable site' (either disabling or enabling) on every site in the group, this is again a feature that i find myself using more and more.

I can think of other options and features that would be useful as group specific, applying to all sites within that group (including group notes as has been suggested in the past), but lets leave it at that one as again i realise it is likely not something the majority of users would be interested in.
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