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Default FlashFXP 2.0 RC2 b865 "Acces Violation"

1 frustrating hour later ....

Well as I said, I just registered
FlashFXP 2.0 RC2 b862 works quite fine.
But unfourtunatly there is this anoying small file fxp bug in 862.

So I upgraded with the online update to 2.0 RC2 b865 and now it refuses to start, with a nice "acces viaolation box" as shown in the attachement

As I despearatly need fxp to work with small files, could you plz give me
a valid link to ffxp 2.0 RC2 b863
(wich seems to work well witout the start bug)
or just mail it to me.

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flashfxp 2.0 RC1 Build 864.865 start error-acces1-png  
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