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Default New Server is LIVE!

The long, tedious migration process is finally complete. The new site has been completely rewritten (back-end code), moved to a new dedicated server in-house, and should provide a MUCH improved overall user experience.

Because of the mass number of changes, all current users will be required to change their password on first login. This will re-encrypt and synchronize your password across all systems for better security.

We are anxious to hear feedback, and fix any of the remaining bugs. There should be relatively few, but there is always something to miss. Additionally, we will be fine tuning and adding features to the forum and site now that we are on the new platform. Let us know in the Suggestions & Feedback Forum.

Most of you will notice that your license status is missing from the postbit forum not worry, this will be re-implemented in the next few days.

Thank you for your patience, and ENJOY!

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