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For that announce nxtools part..

(16:48:50) (@xxx) !approve Some.test-rls
(16:48:51) (@xxx) -site/APPROVE- > Some.test-rls was approved by xxx/CREW
(16:48:52) (@xxx) -site/APPROVE-ADD- > Found the release, approved "/TEST/Some.test-rls".

i changed alcobot.conf to
# Module: nxTools
channel.approve = flags=o target=notice
but it still spams instead of notice..
the same with reqs..

And now i got ur attention..

If both ioa and nxtools modules are loaded its quite a mess.
I use ioa for search, and nxtools for everything else.
if i load nxtools first, req dont work, and if i load ioa first
the cookies are messed up.
%(id) and %(age) isn't working

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