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* FlashFXP v3.2, build [ 1080], [ yes]registered,
* OS WinXP
* Running behind NAT/router [x ] & Model [ NetGear 108 Mbps Wireless Router WGT624] Running firewall [ x] Yes, Name [ WinXP],
* Running Antivirus [ x] Yes, Name [AVG free ]
* Network DSL

additional info if related
* FTP server(s) name [ ], version [ ]
* timestamped, and side prefixed FTP log (please paste)
* any other info

When I connect to a linux site FXP functions fine.
When I connect to a Win site Transfers are not recieved.

On linux passive mode is set.
On win passive mode is unchecked.
I can upload a printscreen of my options selected if necessary.
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