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Default [Fixed] ioB2.0 R1 Autonuke - Nuke Announce

Hi there,

I just confed the autonuker that comes with ioB2.0 R1. After some little problems, everything works fine despite the nuke announce from the autonuker(NOT the warning) Warning works fine.

Output looks like this:

[Sitebot] mp3 - [NUKE] AND_ANOTHER_TEST-2006-SGR has been nuked 3x by SiteBot because 1. Nukees are: LordM(50.00MB).
The reason is wrong. Should be something like still.empty or whatever.

My line vrom ioFTPD.log for this announce looks like this:

05-21-2006 01:40:46 NUKE: "/mp3/0521/AND_ANOTHER_TEST-2006-SGR" "SiteBot" "SiTEOPS" "LordM" "SiTEOPS" "3" "50.00" "1"

Thx for your help in advance

Greets LordM
I'm using:

ioFTPD 7.7.2
ioNiNJA BETA Stable v0.8.9.6
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