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Default Dupe db using symlinks?

Loving new alco 1.2.0 and nxtools 1.0.4a. I was using a very old setup with nxtools and ioA and now I have blown away ioA since nx pretty much does everything it does now.

When search the dupe db though I get results like this:
[R] site search Easy
[R] 200- /[MP3]-TODAY/VA-Easy_Hits_Ezh_54
It looks like it is using the symlinks instead of the real dirs. I was guessing this might be a config issue on my part. But i'm not quite sure how to make the dupe not use the symlink? I already have this in my dupe config:
set dupe(LoggingExempts) {
Maybe someone could point me in the right direction?
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