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Default [ENG/GER] Problem with SSL Dirlist

Hi all,
I've got the following problem:

Dirlist and transfer without SSL via passive mode ( port range is open ) are working fine.

As soon as somebody is logging in via SSL, the passive dirlist wont work anymore, altough the port range is open.

Dirlist then works with stat-l but transfers won't work.
It seems as there is some problem with the passive mode when using SSL.

227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,0,104,4,11)
Opening data connection IP: *.*.*.* PORT: 1035
Data Socket Error: Connection timed out
Transfer Failed!

I have no idea why passive mode is working without SSL and as soon as one connects via SSL passive is not working.

It would be great if you people have any ideas or suggestions.
Answers can be made in english or german.

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