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Default Alcoholicz Sitebot (AlcoBot) v1.2.0

  • NEW: Command to display group pre statistics, !pregroup <name>.
  • NEW: Command to display pre database statistics, !predb.
  • NEW: Database abstraction layer library, replacing ODBC.
  • NEW: Database tables are created automatically if they do not exist.
  • NEW: FTP servers are now specified using URI strings (bouncer and ftpconn modules).
  • NEW: Pattern matching options for the pre search, -match exact|regexp|wild.
  • NEW: Support for additional FTP daemons can be added by creating a module sub-directory.
  • NEW: The !site command displays all output, unless the -quiet switch is used.
  • CHG: Debug log callbacks for the FTP library are per-handle instead of global.
  • CHG: Improved test suite, now able to run outside of Eggdrop's interpreter.
  • CHG: Libraries only set the errorCode value when intentionally throwing exceptions.
  • CHG: Renamed tree library function "Tree::GetNaive" to "Tree::GetQuiet".
  • FIX: Consistently handle arguments in the nxtools module.
  • A few small, but important configuration changes.
  • AlcoBot.conf sections that require updating: Module::Bouncer, Module::FtpConn, Module::Invite, and Module::PreTimes.

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