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Originally Posted by vecna
Same problem with the latest Flashfxp 2.6 I gues , I had this problem for like 6 months , did even reinstall the OS , and I am a bit sick at , I am using Filezilla when I got huge queues which maens I can't upload my website with flashfxp , the flashfxp process hangs and I got manually kill it it in task manager :x , used to love flash now this problem is really bugging me , and as it's not fixed I try to find it pointless to have bought a license for a non working software really , I am willing to provide you with help to reproduce my issues if you want to just contact me a vecnixXXXnospamXXX@gmail DOT com
The freezing/crashing issues with Flash FXP that I have experienced are due to nVidia Desktop manager (nView) being enabled, especially with drivers of the 8x.xx versions for Geforce FX 5200 (any ram size) and lord knows how many other cards using same drivers set that users have the desktop manager enabled suffer from similar crashes.

If this sounds like you please report and try and switching the Desktop manager off. then maybe like me you will find that Flash FXP will not hang/Crash or otherwise do anything abnormal.... Promise.

And as For the Nview forget about it no one really needs it.... Really...
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