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Originally Posted by MxxCon
yes you are missing something here. FlashFXP trial version is fully working, not crippled, like other ftp clients, so you can evaluate ALL of it's features and not get scammed into buying it "hoping" that some feature in full version will do what you want.
Yes, that is true, but it doesn't apply for SmartFTP, which is already free for personal use.

oh REALLY? seems like you haven't used it long enough to notice annoying nag screen that pops up every now and then. and if you are using free version of smartftp at work, like you said below, you are doing it illegally. it must be registred for commercial use.
Yep, I'm familiar with the nag screen. For a home user the nag screen is a small price for a free program and it only apprears on bussiness hours of the day. As for work, there are licencesed copies of SmartFTP of course, otherwise everyone would've been busted a long time ago.

even if you have been "fxping" for 5years, doesn't mean you can solve or experienced all the possible issues when it comes to ftp..if you do get into a situation beyond your skills, you'll be helped here; and or sent empty-handed at smartftp.
FlashFXP license is for the lifetime of this product. other clients give you license for a single version and they can artibrarly make new x.0 release just to charge their customers again..
Also true, however of all those years, I don't recall any major FTP related (not FTP-client related) problems I wouldn't have been able to solve myself or with a little googling, perhaps with some collegue's help in the worst case. Surely the premium support would be nice, though.

But what I saw at the other thread, I think I'm never going to buy FlashFXP. I'll rather keep using the free SmartFTP at home and at least the people in their forums treat users with respect even in extreme cases as they know how frustrating some problems can be.

What remains a mystery to me though, is why are you charging money for personal use. Smartftp is a much better client, it's pros sure outweigh the few cons. Plus an FTP client is such a simple program, anyone with some skills can easily code their own anyway, if the need be.

Oh well, but that's not my business. I wish you good luck with further development and testing.

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