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Originally Posted by tanel
but from what I seen, it doesn't add any new features to the program, it just removes the expiration. Or am I missing something here?
yes you are missing something here. FlashFXP trial version is fully working, not crippled, like other ftp clients, so you can evaluate ALL of it's features and not get scammed into buying it "hoping" that some feature in full version will do what you want.

SmartFTP can do everything it does and even more without asking me a single coin for it.
oh REALLY? seems like you haven't used it long enough to notice annoying nag screen that pops up every now and then. and if you are using free version of smartftp at work, like you said below, you are doing it illegally. it must be registred for commercial use.

Is the premium customer support and maybe fast access to the new betas/builds the only thing that separates it from SmartFTP for example? Or is there something else too? As for the support, I doubt that I really need it, as I've been FXPing files at work for over 5 years now.
even if you have been "fxping" for 5years, doesn't mean you can solve or experienced all the possible issues when it comes to ftp..if you do get into a situation beyond your skills, you'll be helped here; and or sent empty-handed at smartftp.
FlashFXP license is for the lifetime of this product. other clients give you license for a single version and they can artibrarly make new x.0 release just to charge their customers again..
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