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Default Why is FlashFXP not free for personal/educational/non-commercial use?

Well, I've been using Portable FileZilla, SmartFTP and FlashFXP for some time now.

My trial period for FlashFXP is almost over, so I have to decide whether I want to buy it or not. But from my experience, I don't see much of a reason to do so. I can carry the free Portable FileZilla anywhere with me whereever I go and when I've felt the need to FXP files or use some advanced features, SmartFTP has done the job extremely well thus far.

Maybe I haven't got to know FlashFXP deep enough, but is there something significant about this program that both free applications like Portable FileZilla and SmartFTP can not do? One of my friends registered a long time ago and is using a registered version, but from what I seen, it doesn't add any new features to the program, it just removes the expiration. Or am I missing something here?

So my questions is that why is FlashFXP not free for personal/educational/non-commercial use? SmartFTP can do everything it does and even more without asking me a single coin for it. And I don't have to upen up 10 SmartFTP windows to connect to 10 different servers at the same time, I can do it from a single SmartFTP window, because it uses the tabs method that does not clutter my taskbar/systemtray. But with FlashFXP I'm only limited to 2 connections from a single window. Not to mention FlashFXP has no support for ipv6.

Is the premium customer support and maybe fast access to the new betas/builds the only thing that separates it from SmartFTP for example? Or is there something else too? As for the support, I doubt that I really need it, as I've been FXPing files at work for over 5 years now. And SmartFTP is releasing new versions fast enough too, so I fail to see the reason to purchase FlashFXP.

And of course this post is not made to promote/advertise Portable FileZilla, SmartFTP or any other FTP/FXP client. I just want to make sure I'm not missing something important before my trial period expires.

Any clarification would be much appreciated.

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