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Default ioFTPD version 5.8.8r start help

Hi i finaly decided to play with ioFTPD again.

i have unziped and fixed the vfs and follow the install guide, but when i dubbleklick the exe file it starts but when i check in taskmanager it goes away after like 2 sec.

nxt step in the guide is connect and change pasv kinda hard when it dont start. any ideas guys?

on a winserver 2003
Type = FTP
Device_Name = Any
Port = 9999
Description = My FTP Service
User_Limit = 10
Allowed_Users = *
Messages = ..\text\ftp

# Encryption
Require_Encrypted_Auth = !*
Require_Encrypted_Data = !*
#Certificate_Name =
Explicit_Encryption = True
Encryption_Protocol = SSL3
Min_Cipher_Strength = 128
Max_Cipher_Strength = 256

# IDNT command handler
;Get_External_Ident = False

# Traffic Balancing
;Data_Devices =
;Random_Devices = True

AND yes i have personal foubdation of ioFTPD NO i dont know why that id dont show here have mailed support about it.
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