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Question My 2 cents

When having files in your que, and the server youre downloading from is going offline, and when it returns on a diff port, login or pass, it was nice and easy to edit all files in que and change the port of the source, now you actually have to re-que the entire que. unless you have the site bookmarked in the site manager, well I dont have ALL my sites bookmarked, for that reason they change IP, port or login from time to time, and im too lazy and dont feel like updating sites every single day or less.

Security risk or not I miss that feature, but I rather have a secure FTPclient than a Nonsecure over this feature, however if there is any way to implement it again, without issues, I would be more than happy

Maybe its possible just to add port to the source, login/pass would just be perfect, but port is a must.
So IP/PORT can be edited.

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